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Booking Singapore Adventure Tour Packages is easy now!

Singapore Adventure tour packages are designed to cater to the interests of those who are looking for more than holidaying. The entire range of adventure tour packages offers you an opportunity to enjoy several activities such as bungee jumping, forest obstacle, fly boarding, Mega Zip, paragliding and skydiving, to name a few. You can now book Singapore adventure tour packages with Leyla Tourism for we ensure you can have the most thrilling and memorable vacation of your life.

We understand our customers and thus customize the entire tour as per their choice and preference.Watersport activities and adventurous rides await you. You will enjoy all these activities under the guidance and supervision of trainers and professionals. Your safety is of paramount and all measures are taken to ensure same.

Gear up for some fun and adventure!

When it comes to thrill and adventure, it is apparent for you to look for best of the packages that let you immerse your soul in an experience that leaves you refreshing. For those who love to explore and get indulge in fun-filled holiday, no other place than Singapore is the way to go. Home to some of the most famous adventure destinations, your visit here will leave you spellbound.

Explore several theme and adventure parks in Singapore

It is often that Singapore is counted among one of those places where nature meets the fun and thrill at its best. There are several theme and adventure parks here where you can visit and unwind. Visit to these places lets you enjoy the tour in an exciting and thrilling way. In fact, theme and adventure parks are the top most preferred places by tourists. For an experience that lets you have an adrenaline rush, Singapore is the destination to be.

Adventure with Fun

Night Safari

  • Leopard Trails
  • 35 min tram ride
  • Enjoy the dancing of the night creatures
  • Malayan tigers
Start form SGD 60 Per Person

River Safari

  • Flamingo Lake
  • 15 min boat ride
  • Dine during Safari
  • Horse riding
Start form SGD 45 Per Person

I fly Singapore

  • World’s largest themed wind tunnel
  • Great Indoor Adventure
  • Experience free-fall
  • Sky venture over 32 tunnels

Skyline Luge with Skyride

  • Jungle Trail & Dragon Trail
  • Night luge
  • 4D roller coaster ride
  • Forest adventure
Start form SGD 18 Per Person

Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure Park

  • Climb max
  • Para Jump
  • 16 meter highest climbing wall
  • Mega Bounce
Start form SGD 55 Per Person

Climbmax Singapore

  • Climbing across netting
  • Jumping across gaps
  • Swaying bridges
  • mega jumping
Start form SGD 50 Per Person

Para Jumping Singapore

  • Night jumps
  • Pond swooping
  • Parachuting free-fall
  • Tracing
Start form SGD 33 Per Person

Wave House Singapore

  • The Flow Barrel
  • Double flow riders
  • Flow league
  • spectacular sunset views
Start form SGD 28 Per Person

Gmax Reverse Bungy

  • Bungy bar
  • Clark Quay
  • Ultimate Magic
  • GX 5 ride

Forest Adventure

  • scary trapezes & big Tarzan swing
  • Kids course
  • Tree top obstacles with adventure
  • Jumping & sliding around the zip line